Real excursion highlights for big and small discoverers in the Allgäu region

The Allgäu is a natural paradise. Especially in summer, the picturesque landscape invites you to spend the days outside with your family. Very close together lie the sparkling lakes, green forests, rolling hills and high mountains with fresh mountain air and make the Allgäu one of the most beautiful destinations in Germany with children to leave the everyday stress on the track. The Allgäu also has plenty to offer when it comes to culinary delights. Between a modern coffee roastery with a hip café and a traditional inn with excellent Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle), everyone will get a taste for it.

We have teamed up with Allgäu GmbH* to identify some very special favorite places in the Allgäu for families. In doing so, we don’t want to put the classic tourist spots on the table, but rather serve up truly insider tips in the beautiful Allgäu region on a silver platter. We have personally visited all the places presented and given them the status of favorite place. The result is a mix of nature and pleasure, adventure and time to recharge your batteries, which really makes you want to spend your next vacation in the Allgäu with children.

From us for you: insider tips for a vacation in the Allgäu with children

For a successful family vacation, accommodation where the kids are allowed to be themselves is the be-all and end-all. In the Allgäu there is such a magical place d’Kammer. A charming farmhouse next to the river Iller equipped with all kinds of amenities for a vacation in the Allgäu with children. Playground on the doorstep, a toy shed with workbench and in the morning the finest (and according to our children “the all-all-best”) breakfast is conjured up on the table with ingredients from the region. You can taste the love that goes into every little detail in d’Kammer. With happily filled bellies, it goes full of energy on the day trip. Click here to go to your favorite place!


Excursion destinations in the Allgäu with children that will please young and old alike.

Leutkirch is located in the western Allgäu and is a town worth seeing. Historic half-timbered houses meet lively town flair. Small stores line up in the pretty old town. Among them is zweigstelle, which we fell in love with at first sight. The chic concept store has been at home in Leutkirch since 2005. Also known as THE address for young and old when it comes to clothing and accessories with taste. There are also delicacies and pretty decorative items that make the home even more beautiful. Browsing in the branch is an absolute hit. Click here for your favorite place!

City and nature can be optimally combined in Leutkirch

The Spieloasen und Erlebnisweg (play oasis and adventure trail) runs right past the door of the zweigstelle. Eleven play stations lead from the old town up to the Wilhelmshöhe surrounded by lush green meadows and trees. Each of the stations revolves around an old craft and lets the children discover it with wit and play. The trail is the ideal combination of city and nature. Click here for the trail description of the hike!

To satisfy your hunger after the hike, the Allgäu Genussmanufaktur is just a few minutes away by car. There you can continue directly with the craftsmanship from the region. In the former brewery building, a wide variety of craftsmen have joined forces and produce gourmet products by hand. You can take a look behind the scenes and watch pottery or weaving, for example. This goes down very well with the children. Then, in the farm café on the first floor, the whole family gets its money’s worth while sampling the Allgäu specialties. You can’t get more Allgäu in one place! Click here to go to your favorite place.


Hiking in the Allgäu with kids and the fluffy alpacas

The Heslerhof in Insy in the Allgäu is also just around the corner. This picture-perfect farm looks after around 80 dairy cows and is a pioneer in the production of renewable energy. It is particularly popular with families because of the alpacas. The animals from the highlands of the Andes may accompany you on the Heslerhof on a relaxing and at the same time exciting hike through the surrounding rolling hills and meadows. Children immediately establish an intimate connection with the placid animals and learn in no time to understand their needs as well (e.g., stopping the 10th time for a crunchy dandelion along the way).

In addition to the wonderful experience with the animals, there is free expert knowledge about agriculture. Gabi, who accompanies the hike, tells with contagious passion about the cultivation of the meadows, animal husbandry, but also about her gigantic biogas and photovoltaic system on the farm with which not only the farm but numerous households in the Allgäu are supplied with electricity. Click here to go to your favorite place!


On the trail of the hat in the Hat Museum in Lindenberg

Lindenberg and hats have been writing history together for more than 300 years. This history is told in such a playful and exciting way in the local hat museum that new hat fans are born, and not just in the children. The unique exhibition has already won numerous awards. So it really is worth paying a visit to the hats in Lindenberg.

How do simple straws become handsome braids and then a hat? How long does it take to make a hat by hand, which was mainly done by women and children in addition to their work on the farm? And how has the hat fashion changed over time. You can find out all this and much more on the interactive tour of the Hat Museum. In between, there are fun and games stations, such as the photo box in front of which you can put on a variety of hat models for a photo, or in the craft room for felting and braiding. By the way, there are even more family museums in the Allgäu region that have come up with a special program for children for the summer with the Museum Safari. Click here to go to your favorite place!

Culture and nature – this is how the combination works in Lindenberg with children

Known as one of the highest moor lakes in Germany is the Waldsee in Lindenberg. In the midst of absolute idyll, the lake is ideally suited for an excursion with children before or after a visit to the Hat Museum. Whether for a hike around the lake on the peat teaching pad or for splashing around in the lido with playground, the Waldsee is fun for everyone. More about the Waldsee can be found here!


Deep in the mountains for an adventure hike with children in the Allgäu region

For mountain panoramas through and through, head for Bad Hindelang. While there is a lot of skiing fun there in winter, hiking happiness beckons for families in summer. A beautiful theme trail for children with a magnificent view of the mountains is the smuggler’s path. It runs from the Allgäu over the border to Tyrol. What an experience! Various play stations await on the narrow path. You can start either with a ride up to the Isler or with a crispy hike over the serpentines. In both cases, you can stop for a bite to eat at the Wiedhag Alpe and from there continue on your way to Tyrol. Click here for your favorite place!


Tief in den Bergen für eine Abenteuerwanderung mit Kindern im Allgäu

Für Bergpanoramen durch und durch, geht es nach Bad Hindelang. Während man dort im Winter viel Skispaß hat, winkt im Sommer das Wanderglück für Familien. Ein schöner Themenweg für Kinder mit herrlichem Blick auf die Berge ist der Schmugglerpfad. Er führt vom Allgäu über die Grenze nach Tirol. Was für ein Erlebnis! Auf dem schmalen Pfad erwarten Sie verschiedene Spielstationen. Sie können entweder mit einer Fahrt auf den Isler beginnen oder mit einer knackigen Wanderung über die Serpentinen. In beiden Fällen können Sie auf der Wiedhag Alpe einkehren und von dort aus Ihren Weg nach Tirol fortsetzen. Klicken Sie hier für Ihren Lieblingsplatz!


Travel and discovery enrich family life immensely. If it then still succeeds in the harmony between nature, culture and a lot of pleasure, as in the Allgäu, nothing stands in the way of the common family moments.

We hope there are many ideas for your time in the Allgäu. Or even better, one or the other can be inspired by the great favorite places even for a trip to the beautiful Allgäu with children.

You have more tips for the Allgäu? Then we are happy as always, about mail from you.

*This article was created in cooperation with Allgäu GmbH. Thank you for the insider tips, as we have discovered only through you in the Allgäu.

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