MONKIND relies on minimalist design paired with organic, sustainably produced materials!

MONKIND is a family company that specializes in sustainable, timeless and minimalist fashion for children and adults.

The shop is run by Valeria, who has been interested in art and aesthetics from an early age. This is mainly due to her artistically gifted and active parents. When the first child was born, she began to sew clothes herself and it quickly became a great passion. Today MONKIND is known for its original patterns and textile designs. This stays in everyone’s mind. The brand stands for simple yet innovative children’s clothing.

Stewart, Valeria’s husband, has also entered the business and is primarily responsible for marketing and customer contact. In 2014 they opened their first shop together in Berlin. We were allowed to ask Valeria a few questions, including where she gets her inspiration from and what her everyday life is like. Read it yourself!

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Crellestr. 3-4
10827 Berlin

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00 h
Sat 11:00 – 18:00 h

We love your collections. All items of clothing radiate so much peace and comfort that you want to wear them around the clock. What inspires you for your style line?

Many Thanks! The main inspiration for each collection is a specific theme and the associated color and shape combinations, mostly inspired by an artist or art direction, nature and cultures or even my own childhood. But my biggest inspiration is my children, who like to give their comments on the new collection, everything is tested for comfort and everything that is uncomfortable or scratchy is thrown out immediately.

How did you come to found your label MONKIND in 2014? Was that a jump into the deep end or did you already have experience in the fashion industry?

We really had no experience, just a lot of will. A few years earlier I finished my fashion design studies, then children came along and I finally wanted to get started, the motivation was huge to get something going, but it took, we grew very organically, which made it possible for us a lot the way to learn from the mistakes we made.

What does a typical (working) day look like for you? What is your recipe for a good work family life balance?

It’s not that typical at the moment. We moved to Portugal a few months ago because it was clear that we could not / do not want to fly in the next few months and still have to visit production. That means talking and writing to our wonderful employees in Berlin a lot. We are all well rehearsed by now. I think the important thing is to separate the time you work and the time with your family as well as possible in order to really get on with the matter at hand.

You live sustainability both in production and in the shop itself. Do you also value sustainability in your private life?

Since we have been parents, it has been our job to create a greener future for the children. Consumption will not go away, it is a great machine that cannot be stopped, the HOW has to change, we as consumers can make a difference. Everyone as he can, in small steps as a community, will change something in the matter of sustainable consumption.

Other young brands also sell in your MONKIND store in Berlin. What do you pay attention to when choosing or do you get inspiration?

We choose brands that have similar values, in terms of sustainability, but also of appealing design and quality. We know many of the small brands personally from the area or from trade fairs and markets, that the best thing is when you know the stories and can pass it on to customers, so that every single piece becomes something personal, whether it’s hand-illustrating books and cards from ours Former studio co-founder “Greta sister ” are handmade ceramics by two graphic designers from Neukölln – “GoodClaySunshine ”, beautiful wooden toys from Russia, from “Raduga Grëz ” or the cool caps from our friends from Nuremberg, “New Kids in the House ”.

Thank you for the inspiring words, dear Valeria! We are already looking forward to the next visit to Berlin and thus also to the one in your shop.

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