A journey back in time to life on the farm!

The Swabian Farm Museum in Illerbeuren is located directly opposite our favorite place to sleep d’Kammer. For families, it is a great destination in the Allgäu, because in an interesting and child-friendly way, the open-air museum conveys what life used to be like in the country.

The reconstructed farmhouses can be visited from the inside and make it easy for kids to understand. So small doors and so low tables there to discover. In the workshops in each case handicraft from the earlier time is presented more exactly. For example, there is a pottery, where you can also buy pottery and regularly lovingly designed offers, for example, in the wood workshop for the children.

In addition, there are numerous animals to discover on the museum grounds. On the way to the old bowling alley geese, pigs, sheep and goats are waiting. There the running falls easily! At the end of the tour, a playground for the children and a restaurant where you can eat very well await you.

In the Swabian Farm Museum you can loosely spend a whole day with children and leave it with much more knowledge about life in old Swabia than before. To visit the museum not only once is also worthwhile, because it constantly grows around new exhibitions.

Museumstraße 8
87758 Kronburg

March 1 – March 31: 10:00 – 4:00 h
April 1 – October 15: 9:00 – 6:00 h
October 16 – November 30: 10:00 – 16:00 h


family ticket: 12 Euro

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