Explore la ville rose with your family!

Toulouse is a wonderful city that immediately captivates visitors. The vibes in the city are modern and traditional at the same time. Dive into the city hand in hand with your family!

Best Café in Toulouse

We start our favorite day in Toulouse with a breakfast in the Café La Fiancée near the Garonne, the river passing the city. There you get not only the best Café au lait but also the most delicious cookies on Earth (homemade with a dose of love). If you are on tour with a stroller, you should go to Place St. Georges (where there is also a playground for children) and have a breakfast à la franchaise at Café Au Jardin des Thes.

Continue with a walk along the Garonne to the most beautiful quarter of the city, Carmes. It is teeming with little fine shops and a visit to the chocolatier Criollo is a MUST. There we can not pass without having at least two or three small chocolates.

Cute child shops in Toulouse

When the morning is free for a shopping tour through the city, we love to visit Petit Souk, the sweet kids’ shop, or Petit Pan for an original souvenir. For French-speaking kids the bookshop Tire Lire is a treasure trove. The children’s feet are best stocked at Pom d’api or Nat & Nicolas! The best place to shop selected fashion from high-quality brands is Rue Bouquières, the artistic street of Toulouse.

Where to eat with kids in Toulouse?

At lunchtime we like to have a picnic in the park Jardin Royal. We buy food at the local weekly market in Carmes. We get some cheese, a baguette and antipasti to go. In addition, it is always exciting for the children to see the different dishes in France.

If you would rather try a delicious restaurant, go to Les Façonniers! Kids are welcome and there are also some toys waiting for them. Just be aware, that lunch is available in France between 12:00 and 14:00. After that, the restaurants will close until evening.

Things to see with kids in Toulouse

Afterwards we continue to the park Jardin des Plantes. There we visit the Natural History Museum, which children love. To cool our spirits, we go to the adventure playground in the park. Incidentally, this is one of the most beautiful facilities for children in Toulouse. There are in addition to the large playground for all ages, rides and food stalls, the z. B. sell fresh waffles.

The lovingly designed Les Filles naissent dans les roses is a great place for rainy days or a chat with friends, as well as the indoor playground and café Zeplee Playground.

In the evening, it may be a French restaurant. Good restaurants are truly at every corner. But before that you can not miss a round of carousel ride at the Place Wilson. We can recommend the restaurants Emile, Le Genty Magre or Solilesse, but we could hardly decide for one of the incredibly delicious restaurants.

If you do not like the local cuisine, you can end the evening at the Italian OFFICINA GUSTO with a beautiful view of the Saint-Étienne Cathedral. High chairs are available in many restaurants, but toys for children are rare. It is best to take a few painting things to bridge the waiting time until the food arrives. A little tip on the edge: Make a reservation in the restaurants in advance. Nothing works without it.

Family-friendly Hotel to stay in Toulouse

We love to stay at the modern and family-friendly Hotel mama shelter. The  location and amenities especially for families with children are amazing. While kids are sleeping in the hotel room we enjoy a drink on the roof-top bar (while watching them over a baby monitor of course).